Cycling Team Make A Goat With GPS Art

Cycling Team Make A Goat With GPS Art

January 28, 2018


An amateur cycling team from Perth have turned their 202 kilometre ride into some incredible GPS art work.

Their response when they were asked about why they did this art work was... "Why not?!"

They posted their art work to Reddit. They said it took them seven hours of careful tracked riding using the app Strava. 

Jenbonez, who posted the photo, says they chose a goat because it was easy to draw, and he and his partner are about to have their first kid, so the pun made it seem fitting.

The team is named FGTCLB.CC. The ride was finished within seven hours, but they did have a few snack stops in between! 

Does thi seem like a long ride to you? To them it's not as the group say they all rode at least 10,000 kilometres each in 2016, so this was just some fun. I mean what else do we cycle for?  

The Reddit user, whose real name is Ben Jones, says GPS art has been happening for a long time! Think their art work is impressive? Well according to Ben this is nothing from what other people have done! 

Have you done any impressive GPS art work? Well send them in and we would love to share! If you want to see our own art work on our cycling clothing then you can click here to get yours now!


This is the art work done by the Perth cycling team!