Our Story

"It was my escape and in many ways saved me. I started to have fun again and wanted to share that with others through the way I dressed" - Founder 

After experiencing two traumatic events whilst volunteering abroad my life changed. I lost my way and started on a downward spiral, facing many challenges along the way. After battling for four years, I made one simple change. Instead of putting the covers over my head, dreading the day and pressing snooze, I would wake up at 6 AM and go for a cycle ride. That one simple thing changed my mental state and I lived for the moment, bringing the fun back into my life. 

I realized I was just cycling in boring plain clothes which were cheap. I searched for high-quality performance clothing which showed my fun side off. Guess what happened next? I couldn't find any. All the high-quality performance clothing was way out of my budget and I didn't find a "fun" connection with the clothing. 

I set out on a mission to create my own store which would bring the fun element to people's ride and allow them to show off their own unique personality. Trendy Cycling was born and now delivers to customers around the globe. We are constantly expanding our ranges and welcome cyclists from around the world to join our #trendycycling community!