We welcome cyclists from all over the world to our well known generous sponsorship program and offer two levels: 

Peloton Program

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This is our flagship and most common sponsorship program. This is ideal for the everyday cyclist all the way to a high-level competitor.

Do you love sharing pictures of yourself cycling on social media? Do you have a lot of cycling friends? Then why not get paid for it whilst getting access to some generous discount for your own kit! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Have your own unique link to share
  • Get paid a whopping 25% of every sale that is made through your referral link! Average orders are $100 meaning on average you get paid $25 every order!
  • 365 days cookie tracking! This means that for every person that clicks on your link you will get paid 25% commission for the next year whenever they order! 
  • Monthly Peloton Program member competitions and prizes!
  • NEW! We will be looking for take our top partners for a cycling tour holiday which will be all paid for! 

What are you waiting for? Apply here now! 


Breakaway Program

This is our premium program and only certain levels of people will qualify. We provide everything from full sponsorship to free kit to paid advertising posts.We work with everyone on our Breakaway Program on an individual basis.  

To qualify you MUST meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • Be an influencer with 30k followers across social media. We look for 10 - 15% engagement rate. Example - you have 1000 followers then you must be getting 100 to 150+ likes and a high comment rate. 
  • Be an elite cyclist within the sport. Cycling should be your full-time job, your part of a professional cycling team or at very least you qualify for high profile races alongside the elite. 
  • Be an up and coming junior cyclist. You should have qualified for your country or represented in major junior championships. 

Do you feel like you could qualify for our Breakaway Program and want to work with us? If so then please get in touch at hello@trendycycling.com and we would love to discuss potentially working together. 


Not sure where you fit in? Want help to build your social media profiles so you can promote more effectively? We're to help! Once you apply and become accepted we will send out weekly emails with advice, tips, and guidance on how to best promote yourself. In addition, you can email any other questions you have to - hello@trendycycling.com